Fixed Pins And Connecting Pins

Material: 45 # Features: large output, mature process, high precision (outer circle within 1 wire tolerance) cost-effective, suitable for automatic operations with good consistency. Support technology: cold heading, centerless grinding machine, thread rubbing. Minimum order quantity: 10000 PCS. Supply capacity: 200,000 PCS/month.

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Technology mature

p-d-1 Incoming material: selected material, each batch of material supplier will provide the corresponding material report (physical and chemical properties). Cold heading: stable processing size, high production efficiency. Coarse grinding and fine grinding: processed by centerless grinding machine, high precision, the minimum scale can reach 2u, automatic feeding directly by vibration plate, stable product size, high production efficiency. Rubbing silk: with senior customized rubbing silk board suppliers to provide, rubbing silk board stability, not easy to damage, so as to achieve rubbingStability of silk products. Packaging: using film anti-rust oil, so that the product is not easy to rust, long storage time, no odor, and customer side installation.

Purpose and characteristics of centerless grinding machine

It is mainly used to grind cylinder parts with diameter of 2-40mm and length within 140mm, and also can grind rotary shaped parts with diameter of 7-40mm and length within 120mm. It is suitable for mass production parts. Grinding wheel dresser and regulating wheel dresser are hydraulically driven, with uniform speed and high precision. Feeding movement adopts differential screw drive, feeding slide plate adopts needle rolling guide rail, with sensitive movement, high movement precision and long service life.

Fixed pin, connecting pin similar products

Similarity: all need cold heading and centerless grinding machine processing Different points: Figure 1 added grooving process, Figure 2 after heat treatment requirements, Figure 3 after environmental protection color zinc treatment, corrosion resistance, good performanceThe company currently contains similar product specifications

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