Seat back angle adjustment with the spindle

Cushion elongation used to adjust the motor is mainly moving screw motor, there are also a few models in the use of planetary gear motor. Headrest adjustment motors are basically screw motors, and the torque input is generally relatively small. Supply ability: 50000pcs/mouth. Min Oder Qty: 3000pcs/mouth. Port: NINGBO/SHANGHAI CHIAN. Payment terms: T/T  or  L/C. Packing standard: Factory standard packing plus export paper or wood tray.

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overall size: Φ83*14mm. weight: 0.41KG. static strength: ≥4000N. M(double). rear crash: dummy 95%, 14--21g(ECE standard). operating torque: dual operating torque≤3.6N. M. Free play of backrest: with load±50N on 500mm to rotation center, free play<1mm. temperature test: high 80℃, low -40℃. fatigue test: 500N. M, 25000 cycles. durability test: with load 20N.m 10000cycles, in 60℃, 1000 cycles; in -20℃  1000 cycles.

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Choose us, and you'll never have these problems again. Four advantages, give you a different temperament. 1. power foot: pure copper wire rotor. 2. low noise: low noise when lifting. 3. long life: long service life. 4. good material: selected high-quality materials. Using precision technology, focus on the comfort of car seat headrest, we are very professional. Pure copper coil, every part of the detail of the choice to do meticulous. Accessories durable, corrosion resistance, firm and reliable, ease of use. Green environmental protection, safety and health products, rest assured to use. Firm structure, reliable operation, energy saving and high efficiency. Good details more intimate, intimate design, as always good quality, your confidence guarantee. Select material high grade: lift device chooses cold rolling steel plate to press and become, the surface passes fine electroplating, electrophoresis processing, rust and resist corrosiveness is strong. Strong power: the headrest motor is made of pure copper winding, with large torque and strong power, allowing you to experience the advantages of adjusting the headrest up and down. Professional testing: each elevator is inspected qualified before the appearance of quality assurance, safety at ease.

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