Stainless steel flat head limit rivet non-standard metal connection

Material: SUS304. Features: large output, mature process, high precision (the outer circle can be controlled within the tolerance of 3 silk), cost-effective, suitable for automatic operations with good consistency. Support technology: cold heading, screw Minimum order quantity: 1000 PCS. Supply capacity: 200,000 PCS/month.

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Process method

Stainless steel 304# material: p-d-01 SUS430,M08L and 45# materials: p-d-02

The finished product screening

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1. Select materials, each batch of material suppliers will provide the corresponding material report (physical properties and chemical properties). 2. The size of cold heading processing is stable, the production efficiency is high, and the automatic production can be realized. 3. High surface finish, small tolerance of outer diameter, uniform hardness, suitable for riveting between metals. 4. Contains a variety of specifications, widely used. 5. Each batch of electroplating products will be salt spray test 144H, corrosion resistance, durable. 6. Simple process, short delivery cycle.Rivets will undergo riveting test before plating, below is the production site test. The qualified rate of the product can be foreseen in advance to avoid the defects caused by the failure of riveting cracking.Stainless steel products and electroplated products are screened by the screw drawing machine, so as to select the small or large head due to cold heading, headless, lack of material and foreign bodies brought by electroplating, so as to ensure the qualified rate of products.

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Similarity: all need cold heading processing. Different points: different materials (including SUS430,M08L, SUS304 and 45#), different surface treatment (environmental protection color zinc or black zinc). Support for custom Can be customized to map or sample. Scope of production: specializing in the production of 2-10mm rod diameter, length of 6-50mm non-standard semi-hollow rivets, limit rivets, hetero pins, cylindrical pins, triangular tapping screws and fixed screws. Product features: high precision (outer diameter tolerance can be controlled within 3 wires), good stability (suitable for mechanized operation), high concentricity (its concentricity can reach 3 wires and so on), salt spray resistance test can reach 144H, high requirements can reach 480H. Equipment used: 1 die 2 cold heading machine, 2 die 4 cold heading machine, 3 die 4 cold heading machine, thread rubbing machine, centerless grinder, sleeve piece combination thread rubbing machine, ultrasonic cleaning machine, screw drawing machine and image screening machine.

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